• Designed and created...

  • with my hands...

  • and my heart...

  • just for you

Designed and created...

with my hands...

and my heart...

just for you

Welcome to entrelanas designs!

Where "handmade" is exactly that

From beginning to end

Each piece is unique

A timeless piece of art

Waiting for You to make it yours

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"When I start thinking of a new piece, I feel I'm standing in front of a white canvas. The possibilities are endless, the combination of colors, textures, designs. It is more a work of art, than a piece of garment for me. Like a painter would never paint the exact same painting twice, I have a hard time repeating exactly the same, following exactly the same pattern."

Ximena Bervejillo

entrelanas designs is now member of Bay Area Made

What my Customers say...

My Mom gifted me with a creation from Ximena. It was such a sweet surprise gift. The colors are fantastic and her talent is very evident. I use mine year round. In the fall and winter, I wear it like a shawl/wrap. Mine is a salmon/cream color and is very versatile. In the warmer months, I sometimes carry it with me when I go into the movie theater, so use as a throw blanket... I leave it year round on the easy chair ... as a light throw to cover up with... It's cozy and can be used in so many different ways. It's a gift I will continue to use and treasure.

Kelli M.

I am the joyful owner of one of Ximena Bervejillo’s handwoven creations. My scarf expresses her art in a non-traditional way. It expresses her love of life, her laughter, her willingness to try something new, her enthusiasm for all things but now it’s woven. She is creative in her work… My scarf is not scratchy but soft and reveals the nature of the weaver. It has beautiful hews of orange and burgundies and gold woven in a sparse/simple, non-continuous plaid. The solid, dominant background is a light gray. I wear it with much pride.

Marstin, San Anselmo, CA

I was gifted the most beautiful, hand woven shawl from Ximena. The shawl is woven with gorgeous, soft yarn and is so lovely for evenings when a light wrap is what I need. It has traveled with me and everywhere I wrap it around my shoulders, I am guaranteed many compliments. It is truly one of the most thoughtful and beautiful gifts I have ever received.

Linda, San Anselmo, CA