About me

I would like to tell you about the journey that took me from the first steps in this craft, to the piece that you have wrapped around your shoulders.

Let's start from the beginning, from the name. "entrelanas" means surrounded by yarn, amidst yarn... and that is exactly where you will find me. When I'm in a yarn store, I feel I'm in heaven. All my senses are fully awake. My sight, my touch, and especially my sense of smell. After feeling the yarn with my hands, I smell it. I love the smell of wool!

My love for yarn and textiles began a long time ago, in my early teens, when I first started knitting. I always loved creating my own things, almost without a pattern, just letting my imagination and creativity flow. After knitting, crocheting and needle felting I learned how to weave on a rigid heddle loom and that became my passion.

Maybe my interest in weaving was catalyzed by my trip to Guatemala in 2016, or maybe because I come from Uruguay, where high quality wool and wool products are part of our identity.

When I start thinking of a new piece, I feel I'm standing in front of a white canvas. The possibilities are endless, the combination of colors, textures, designs. It is more a work of art, than a piece of garment for me. Like a painter would never paint the exact same painting twice, I have a hard time repeating exactly the same, following exactly the same pattern. I might use the same yarn, but I will surely do something unique for each piece. No two of my pieces are identical. I leave that for things produced with machines.

My handwoven pieces are like the meals I prepare for my family. Made with lots of love, enjoying every step of the process and always adding a different touch that makes them unique and one-of-a-kind. 

I pour my soul and my heart into each one of my creations, so rest assured that yours will be completely unique, and it makes me happy to know that you are the only one wearing it.

Ximena Bervejillo